How to Combat Glare with Maui Jim Sunglasses


After a long, dark winter it feels great to get out and enjoy the sunshine now that it’s officially spring. That is until horizontal glare gets in the way. Glare means driving becomes a strain on your eyes. Getting that hole in one at the golf club becomes near impossible. Simply admiring the scenery becomes a challenge due to the sun’s glare. The solution? Prescription sunglasses with polarised lenses. For that, we have one brand that our experts firmly believe stands well above the rest. Maui Jim; founded in the ever-sunny climes of Hawaii.

Polarisation Technology

Maui Jim are the experts when it comes to polarised prescription sunglasses. But  what is polarisation technology and what has it got to do with horizontal glare?

Horizontal glare refers to light reflecting off smooth, flat or shiny surfaces, which is why car bonnets, roads, golf greens and bodies of water are notorious for high-intensity glare during the spring and summer months. This reduces visibility and can put a strain on your eyes.

Polarised lenses work by using a filter to block out this intense, reflected light. By reducing horizontal glare, unlike standard sunglasses that simply darken the world around you, polarising lenses also allow you to see details that horizontal glare can obscure.

The Maui Jim Difference

Maui Jim sunglasses take polarisation technology to the next level with their PolarizedPlus2® lenses. These lenses block out 100% of UV rays, which along with earning them the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, also eliminates horizontal glare. This is made possible by infusing the lenses with three rare Earth elements, which consequently improves colour and depth perception.

This means you can truly enjoy the view, whether you’re playing golf or sat in your garden at home. Built using lightweight materials, Maui Jim prescription sunglasses also offer superior comfort for all-day, everyday use.

What’s more, Maui Jim offer over 100 different frame styles, from retro to modern, duo-tones to tortoiseshell. Actress Reese Witherspoon, Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps and former American President Barack Obama are all Maui Jim wearers, so you’d be in good company styling out your own pair! Most recently, football club Manchester United have announced a multi-year deal to have Maui Jim as their Official Vision Partners.

So, if you want to enjoy the sunshine this year, whether you’re getting in a few holes at Maxstoke Park or Drayton Park golf club, or are going for a walk around Shustoke Reservoir, make it easier on your eyes and say aloha to a pair of technically advanced and stylish Maui Jims.

Get in touch with us at Zeidan Eyecare at either of our optician’s practices in Tamworth and Coleshill to find out more about Maui Jim or see the difference for yourself in-store.