How Can Behavioural Optometry Help Learning Difficulties?


Keeping up with regular eyecare is important for everyone, but it’s particularly vital for children. There are some common issues that seem to be related to behaviour or cognitive ability that may well be a result of visual issues. If this is the case for your child, it might be worth seeing a behavioural optometrist at a leading provider, like Zeidan Eyecare.

What is behavioural optometry?

Behavioural optometry focuses on the relationship between your vision and the tasks in the world that rely on visual input.

Vision is more than simple sight. It’s the way that the information taken in by the eyes gets processed. If a child cannot interpret the information they are receiving, it will look like a learning difficulty. A behavioural optometrist looks at focal abilities, movement of the eye, perceptive skills and the condition of the eye. This helps them to pinpoint the real cause of any issues. They can provide preventative care, early intervention or treatment of advanced issues.

What does this mean for children?

The list of issues that can result from visual problems is quite long. You can find a checklist of questions on our website so you can make a brief, initial assessment. They may include common childhood behavioural concerns and learning difficulties such as comprehension issues, excessive tiredness, headaches and mirror writing. They can manifest as problems with physical play and team games due to difficulty with depth perception.

If your child has a social or educational issue, a visual dyslexia test in the UK at Zeidan Eyecare might give you the answers you need to help them progress. 

How we can help

Zeidan Eyecare can offer a visual dyslexia test at opticians in Tamworth and Coleshill. With our experience, we help you understand the exact nature of any difficulties your child is having. This leads to an ongoing treatment plan, progress reports and any other support that you need. This might include corrective eyewear, visual therapy and simple exercises.

It all starts with an assessment. This includes various age-appropriate reading and comprehension tests. Book an appointment with us to find out what behavioural optometry can do for your child.