Are you eligible for our visiting opticians service?


With winter in full force, fewer hours of daylight mean we’re all getting used to darker days. When it comes to your vision, lower light levels can exacerbate existing vision problems. Not only does this make it harder for you to do everything you need to day-to-day but it puts you at greater risk of falls or other injuries. That’s why it’s so important to get your eyes checked out by an optometrist. But what if you’re physically unable to get to your opticians due to disability or chronic illness? That’s where Zeidan Eyecare can help as a local opticians who do home visits in and around the Tamworth and Coleshill area. 

Are you eligible?

As a visiting opticians, we provide home-visit eye tests to those who are physically unable to visit an opticians, whether due to physical or mental illness or disability. This service is provided for free by the NHS if you meet certain additional criteria, such as being:

  • aged over 60
  • aged over 40 with a family history of glaucoma
  • on benefits or low income
  • registered as blind or partially sighted
  • diabetic

This is not an exhaustive list, so the best way to definitively find out whether you, a friend or family member are eligible is to get in touch with Zeidan Eyecare. Our staff will check your eligibility and then arrange a time for your NHS eye test at home. 

Is a home visit eye test as good as an eye test at our practice? 

The short answer, yes. Our visiting optometrist will come equipped with specialist eye examination equipment for use at home and will comprehensively check all aspects of your vision and visual health which are ordinarily checked at our practice. This includes checking to see if your prescription has changed and whether you have any underlying visual issues or signs of disease or damage. Our optometrist will even bring along a selection of glasses in case you need new ones, so you can take your pick and place your order. Once your glasses are ready, we’ll visit you again to make sure they fit well.

Enjoy healthy vision this winter

Make your vision a priority this winter and get your eyes tested at home with Zeidan Eyecare, your opticians in Tamworth and Coleshill. Call or email us today and look forward to peace of mind when it comes to your vision!