Preparing your children’s eyes for 2020


If you have children or look after children, you will know how important eyesight is to their development. They look around them and take in everything, learning from what they see. So, it’s essential that you ensure they get the best possible chance at achieving healthy eyes and sight. Here are some key things you can do:

Regular eye tests

Arranging an eye test for children is something that should be done yearly, and is free on the NHS. A simple eye test can identify problems such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), squints and lazy eyes. Often, these conditions can be corrected in childhood but if left untreated will become permanent.

We are proud to say that our opticians in Tamworth and Coleshill, are now certified Vivid Vision providers! This is a revolutionary treatment for lazy eyes that uses virtual reality as part of the vision therapy process. Kids love Vivid Vision as do adults, and the interactive exercises can even be done at home in some cases, to make even easier for the user.

Behavioural optometry assessment

Children will often behave in ways we don’t expect when something is wrong. If a child is reluctant to read a book, you might assume it’s because they’re just not interested. However, it could be that the words seem to move around on the page or it gives them a headache. Children, particularly when young, can’t always express their problems in a way that makes sense to us.

Using behavioural optometry, we can discover whether there’s an underlying problem, and use vision therapy to help with treatment. With over 18 years of experience in behavioural optometry, we’re happy to say we’ve so many happier, more confident children, who’s academic performance has significantly improved after treatment.

Limiting screen time

It may be hard work to get the kids to tear their eyes away from the screen and go outside to play, but it will do wonders for their vision. Short-sightedness is becoming much more prevalent in children, and that’s down to too much time spent staring at screens, be it a TV, smartphone or computer.

Shade their eyes

Kids eyes are also a lot more sensitive to bright light and harmful UV rays than adults, so wearing a hat and sunglasses are a must, even on bright, cloudy days.

Contact our opticians in Tamworth and Coleshill if you have any worries or are looking to book an appointment for your child!