Meet The Team

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Debbie Marshall- Optical Assistant

Debbie is the newest member of the Zeidan Eyecare family, and is easy going, trustworthy and likes to treat people how she would like to be treated. Her moto is 'Being nice doesn't cost anything.'

She's very passionate about spending time with both her family and her dog Murphy. She also enjoys socialising with friends and holidays are her true indulgence.

Debbie is a contact lens wearer and highly recommends Bio True range for their extreme comfort, especially with extended wear, as unlike other lenses she has tried, they don't dry out as quickly. Debbie's next purchase will be a new pair of glasses. She's a fan of the ranges from Prada and Radley which are both contemporary and modern. She has already chosen Essilor's Varilux Eyezen lenses with Crizal Prevencia. These will give protection from the blue light emitted by screens and have an anti-glare coating; perfect for night time driving.

After recently completing her training to become a certified Ocular Hygienist, Debbie is working towards her certification as a Varilux Lens Expert.

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Vanessa Fordham (Ness)- Practice Manager

For almost a decade, Vanessa (Ness) has been the Practice Manager at Zeidan Eyecare Centre. Ness provides a warm welcoming service to all patients, offering advice in frame choices  and the best lens solutions for their lifestyle needs. Ness started off as an optical assistant in 2011 and was promoted to Branch manager by 2013.

Vanessa's head strong attitude in management has taken Zeidan to new heights in the last few years, from winning numerous awards to making sure the practice has a warm and welcoming feel to it from the moment you walk in.

As well as being practice manager at Zeidan Eyecare, Ness also has a life outside of work; she is self confessed gym buff and has recently taken to running and aims to complete the Birmingham half marathon later this year.

Ness is happily married to her husband John and has twins aged 20, both studying at university. Ness has a larger than life character and to match this she has unrivaled taste in fashion. Her shoes are often the talking point followed by her great taste in colorful and unique glasses. Ness has cult following of clients who love being advised on what glasses would suit them. She particularly likes vibrant colours in her frame choices and isn’t fazed by flamboyant frame designs that she sources from Silmo in Paris and Mido in Milan. Ness’s moto is simple ‘Have fun and make an impact’.

Ness has completed her certification as a Varilux Lens expert and is also a certified Ocular hygienist.

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Kiran Bola - Optometrist

Kiran is a senior Optometrist at Zeidan Eyecare Centre and has been with the firm for over 3 years. Kiran graduated with First Class Honors in Optometry at The University of Manchester and then went on to become a fully qualified member with the College of Optometrists. She is also currently a member of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Optical Committee. Kiran also works with the Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Institute mentoring Optometry graduates in her spare time.

Kiran is extremely passionate about preventative measures in eye disease and early diagnosis. Kiran’s clientele love her for her professional approach and meticulous nature for everything eyecare related. Kiran has a keen interest in pediatric eyecare and behavioral optometry.

Outside of work Kiran enjoys reading, spending quality time with her close family and friends and globe trotting.


Jane Fallon- Varilux Lens Expert

Jane is the longest serving member of the Zeidan Eyecare family and has been with the firm for over 12 years.  Jane had worked in the insurance industry before she joined the firm and has been a important cog in the success at Zeidan Eyecare Centre.

Jane is well known for her personable and honest approach and is popular amongst her clientele.

Jane enjoys working as part of a happy and committed team and has found a best friend in Gail Allen through working at Zeidan Eyecare Centre. Jane likes to build a rapport with her patients which enables her to help serve their lifestyle needs to the best of her ability.

Outside of work Jane is a family woman who enjoys spending time with her family particularly her grandchildren, Harry, Mollie and Faith. Jane also enjoys her family holidays and is hoping to plan a trip to Vegas with Gail for a ladies only holiday.

Jane currently wears Varifocal X4D lenses with transitions and Crizal prevencia in a Versace Frame. Jane also has Varilux Roadpilot lenses in a different pair of glasses that she wears specifically for driving due to the greatly reduced glare achieved, especially when night driving.

Jane has completed her certification as a Varilux Lens expert and is also a certified Ocular hygienist.

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Gail Allen- Optical Assistant

Gail has been the longest serving healthcare member of the Zeidan eyecare family. She has served at the NHS eye department at Sir Robert Peel hospital for over 20 years and finally decided it was time for a change in 2013, and we are glad she did.

Gail is what we call a true ‘people’s person’. She loves to talk to clients and most clients consider Gail a long lost friend. Her warm personable approach and genuine care and only 2nd to her love for Elvis Presley. Gail is a self confessed Elvis fanatic and anyone who says a bad word about him can expect to find themselves in hot water.

Gail enjoys spending time with clients to find out what their lifestyle needs are and recommending what lenses would suit their needs best. She also enjoys getting them to try frames they would never have looked at but really like when they try them.  When children come in and choose a frame that their parents don't approve like, it’s interesting to see who has the last word.

When Gail is not working she enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren; Jack, Adam and Samie.  She also loves being referred to as Mrs Elvis Presley.